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What began in 1989 as a modest pilot program at Rainier Beach High School is now a model for an effective school-based health care system, serving over 10,000 elementary, middle and high school students each year across King County (and part of a larger Washington State network).

Funded initially by the Seattle Families and Education Levy, King County’s system of school-based health centers is now funded by the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy (managed by the City of Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning), the Best Starts for Kids Levy and King County General Funds. The Washington State Depart of Health also provides some funding to local SBHCs. School-based health center services funded by King County are coordinated by Public Health–Seattle & King County. Several community health care partners are part of a system that operates school-based health centers at over 30 elementary, middle and high schools, including Kaiser Permanente, Swedish Medical Center, Public Health–Seattle & King County, Neighborcare Health, HealthPoint, International Community Health Services, Country Doctor Community Health Centers and Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (Seattle Children’s Hospital), providing nearly 50,000 health care visits annually.

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School-based health centers offer a comprehensive scope of services including asthma care, immunizations, family planning, and mental health counseling (learn more from the Washington State School-Based Health Alliance). In addition to addressing health care concerns, they also promote good health for a lifetime through good nutrition education, supportive relationships, and reinforcement of positive self-images.


All children and adolescents are healthy and ready to thrive in the classroom and in life


  • To promote evidence-based, community-informed, high quality, equitable, and culturally-relevant school-based health care to support all students to be healthy and academically engaged.
  • To accomplish our work through a systematic approach to partnerships and collaborative leadership between schools and school-based health centers.
  • To achieve measureable results for student health and academic
    outcomes so that students thrive in school and have a strong start to achieving lifelong success.


  1. Children, youth, and families bring strengths and resilience to our collective work.
  2. We support the health and academic engagement of the whole child/individual by promoting equity and by integrating medical, mental health, and oral health services for those seen in our clinics and in the school as a whole.
  3. Students and families are connected to school- and community-based services that actively address known health disparities and that are evidence-informed, culturally-informed and evidence-based.
  4. Work is prioritized through a public health perspective that works upstream on prevention and that considers social determinants of health in the distribution of resources.
  5. Decision-making is driven by program data, culturally-relevant research, and other key information to guide practice and distribution of resources to serve those with the highest need that can be met within our service framework.
  6. We value and support the contribution of everyone in the care team and how they work together on providing integrated medical and mental health care.
  7. We are collaborative and integrated with other services and resources within the school community that support and enhance our school-based health clinic efforts.
  8. We recognize that we are part of a larger healthcare system and that our goal is to link with community-based efforts when it is warranted.

Logic Model

Below is a logic model developed for Seattle and King County school-based health services (click link to enlarge):


Sponsoring Organizations

Country Doctor Community Health Centers:

HealthPoint Community Health Centers:

International Community Health Services:

Kaiser Permanente Washington:

Neighborcare Health:

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (Seattle Children’s Hospital):

Public Health–Seattle & King County:

Sea Mar Community Health Centers:

  • Auburn Mountainview High School (Auburn School District) **Opening Fall 2022**

Swedish Medical Center:

  • Ballard High School (Seattle Public Schools)
  • Beaver Lake Middle School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Gibson Ek Innovative High School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Issaquah High School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Issaquah Middle School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Issaquah Valley Elementary (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Liberty High School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Maple Hills Elementary (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Maywood Middle School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Pacific Cascade Middle School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Pine Lake Middle School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Skyline High School (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)
  • Sunset Elementary (mental health only) (Issaquah School District)

Los centros de salud en las escuelas (SBHC, por sus siglas en inglés) ofrecen un amplio rango de servicios para los estudiantes, como atención del asma, inmunizaciones, planificación familiar y asesoramiento en salud mental. Además de abordar problemas que requieren atención médica, también promueven una buena salud durante toda la vida a través de educación sobre buena nutrición, relaciones de apoyo y el refuerzo de las imágenes positivas sobre uno mismo.

Los servicios están disponibles independientemente de la capacidad de pago que tiene el estudiante de acuerdo con su seguro. Cada clínica cuenta con personal bilingüe o con servicios de interpretación.

Encuentre el SBHC más cercano a usted en este mapa (en inglés) o en la siguiente lista:

  • Aki Kurose Middle School (206) 326-2141
  • Auburn Mountainview High School
  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary (206) 548-3162
  • Ballard High School (206) 781-6400
  • Beacon Hill International School (206) 252-2700
  • Chief Sealth High School (206) 938-1360
  • Cleveland High School (206) 296-0536
  • Dearborn Park Elementary (206) 548-3166
  • Denny International Middle School (206) 923-2809
  • Edmund S. Meany Middle School (206) 413-2100
  • Evergreen High School (206) 835-2615
  • Franklin High School (206) 326-2750
  • Garfield High School (206) 860-0480
  • Highland Middle School (425) 456-6453
  • Highland Park Elementary School (206) 455-9025
  • Highline High School
  • Ingraham High School (206) 205-0430
  • Interagency Academy (206) 326-2162
  • Lincoln High School (206) 413-2501
  • Lowell Elementary (206) 291-5714
  • Madison Middle School (206) 933-7842
  • Mercer Middle School (206) 762-2394
  • Nathan Hale High School (206) 302-1840
  • Nova High School (206) 709-7190
  • Rainier Beach High School (206) 296-4639
  • Renton High School (425) 424-6310
  • Rising Star Elementary (206) 252-7500
  • Robert Eagle Staff Middle School (206) 413-2300
  • Roosevelt High School (206) 527-8336
  • Roxhill Elementary School (206) 452-2660
  • Seattle World School (206) 332-7160
  • TAF@Saghalie (253) 804-3589
  • Thomas Jefferson High School (253) 804-3589
  • Tyee Campus (206) 277-7210
  • Vashon Island High School (incluye McMurray Middle School & Chautauqua Elementary) (206) 548-7550
  • Washington Middle School (206) 568-3327
  • West Seattle Elementary (206) 548-3164
  • West Seattle High School (206) 658-8048

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, are families in the Issaquah School District eligible to sign on for these insurance benefits it they do not have insurance?


    • Hi Karen, our apologies for the delayed response. School-based health center (SBHC) services are available to students who are matriculated in a school with a school-based health center onsite. In Seattle, services are available to all students who are enrolled in a Seattle Public School regardless of whether a SBHC is located on their campus. Services may be available at low or no cost to eligible students.

      Some schools in the Issaquah school district do have some school-based mental services available on campus, which are provided by Swedish Medical Center. For more information, please contact the school directly. Public Health–Seattle & King County’s Access and Outreach program can help connect students and families to medical providers, health insurance options, and many essential services from food and energy assistance, to breast cancer and dental care options: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health/locations/health-insurance/access-and-outreach.aspx


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    • Hi Lynn, are you one of our school nurse?
      Yes, student age 13 and older can get family planning and gender care services without parent consent. Gender care could start with mental health, which is also Yes, but medical care related to gender care, no…


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