SBHC Friday Coffee Connection is Back!

Last school year, King County School-Based Health Center staff came together monthly for Coffee Connections events. This year, these events will move to a state wide platform. It will be co-hosted by our partner, Washington School Based Health Alliance.

Our next SBHC Coffee Connections event at 9am this Friday, December 10. Please visit this link here to learn more and to REGISTER:

As a reminder, this school year we will be hosting regular Coffee Connections events for Washington school-based health centers (SBHCs). This series provides an informal platform for you to connect with SBHC colleagues working across Washington state. Each session will have a guiding topic and some prompts for small group discussion. Mainly though these events will be a time for collective learning, sharing, and networking.  Feel free to invite your SBHC colleagues who may have missed the original invite.  

Prompt for this Coffee Connection, meant simply to get the conversation started in small groups:  While we’ve recently seen approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children 5-11 and booster shots becoming more widely available for adults, new concerns have arisen about the Omicron variant.  How are you personally living with / adapting to the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic?  

We look forward to this new partnership with Washington SBHA. We hope you can join us to make a greater impact on this work.  Please feel free to invite any staff who may have missed the original invite from Sandy Lennon. If you have any question or comments, feel free to contact Erin MacDougall or Sandy at

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