Improved School Meal Nutrition Info Now Just a Click Away

Have you ever wanted to give your school feedback on the food they serve to your students? Seattle Public Schools (SPS) now gives parents, students, and staff the opportunity to do so! In December, SPS launched a new website and smart phone app that not only provides school lunch and breakfast menus, but detailed descriptions and nutrition information about what Nutrition Services serves in your cafeteria. Each menu item has a five-star rating scale so visitors can provide instant feedback. Do you want to give SPS kudos for working to improve the nutritional value of school food? Would you rather let them know that certain meal options should get the (trash) can? Visit SPS’ Nutrition Services website and let them know! In addition to providing more useful information about school breakfast and lunch, during the 2014-2015 school year, SPS is also putting a greater emphasis on incorporating fruits and vegetables and whole grains in student meals. Meals will contain less sodium and SPS will continue to offer foods that are
low in added sugar and saturated fats, and that are free of trans fat. In terms of any food you may provide through your clinic, do you know if it is in line with these nutrition policies and USDA healthy snack standards? Check out the USDA’s snack calculator or browse their snack listings to see if they fit the bill.

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