It Starts With You(th): Support the King County Youth Bill of Rights

In an effort to highlight new and creative ways school-based health staff are engaging youth in conversations around health and well-being, we are starting a series called It Starts with You(th).

The King County Youth Bill of Rights (KCYBOR) project is ramping up as more and more opportunities become available for the KCYBOR Task Force and community partners to engage our youth partners in sharing “what are the top issues impacting them today” and “what should government be doing to support young people in our region”.  Many of you have expressed an interest in supporting the project and here are some of the ways the KCYBOR Task Force have identified.


  1. Encourage youth organizations/and or youth you support or interact with to participate.
    1. Ask them to “Declare Your Rights” or answer the question “As a youth resident of King County, I believe I have the right to…” via the online questionnaire HERE (
    2. Respond to Julia, Tracy or Makayla via video, text, or audio and answer the “What do you believe is the most important issue impacting King County youth?”
    3. Attend the Youth Forum hosted by the KCYBOR Task Force on Saturday, April 2, 2022 (see flyer above). Anyone in King County 24 years of age or young should let us know they would like to come by going HERE (
    4. Follow the King County Youth Bill of Rights Project on Instagram and/or Facebook.  The handle is KC.YBOR and there are new youth inspired posts (e.g., mental health prompts, youth advocacy, local youth events, task force member profiles, volunteer opportunities, etc.).
    5. Invite the King County Youth Bill of Rights team to speak at their school, a peer meeting, zoom event, etc. Email Kerry Wade at
    6. Apply to be a Youth Bill of Rights Ambassador. CLICK HERE  or use the following link (


  1. Continue to share announcements, opportunities and invitations with youth, youth-focused, and youth-led organizations.
  2. If you are providing direct service to young people 24 years of age and young in King County, consider how you might incentivize participation by asking them to  answer one of the questions, or how you might incorporate it into your work plan or curriculum. It takes 5 minutes and there are in the running for the drawing. (The drawing will be for 10 cash value cards VISA at $100.00 each).
  3. Send ideas of how we might reach young people, or information on events in King County with youth, etc. to and/or

Please help up spread the word and engage with our young people. Contact Kerry Wade at if you have any questions.

Have a youth engagement story you’d like to share? Contact the team at Public Health!

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