King County Youth Bill of Rights Project

Crossposted from King County Best Starts for Kids

Greetings!   In 2014, a group of youth in King County answered “yes” to the question “do you think a youth bill of rights will improve the rights of young people like yourselves?” Their response and other input they provided was incorporated in the King County Youth Action Plan.  In 2021, at the direction of the King County Children and Youth Advisory Board, Best Starts for Kids is pleased to present the King County Youth Bill of Rights Project. 

The King County Youth Bill of Rights will identify the wants and needs of children and youth (ages 5-24), and guide leaders as they make decisions that affect the health, happiness, and hopes of young people in our region.

CLICK HERE To learn more about the King County Youth Bill of Rights, and opportunities for young people to get engaged, lead and partner with King County during the project.

If you are eligible (live in King County and are between the ages of 5-24) we invite you to go CLICK HERE to submit your rights, or scan the QR code below.

To learn more information contact Kerry Wade ( or Ashley Barnes (

Thank you for your participation and for spreading the word about the Youth Bill of Rights!

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