September is Attendance Awareness Month!

Crossposted from the King County Housing Authority.

School is starting up and September is almost here!  Are you ready for Attendance Awareness Month?  Remember, you can make a difference for the families that you serve!  Here are some resources to help you:

  • Key Messages: Need some key messages at your fingertips?  Here you go!
  • Toolkits: Like those key messages? Check out the entire Attendance Awareness Toolkit from the PSESD here.  Also, Attendance Works has a “Count Us In” toolkit with resources for many different sector, find it here.
  • Activity Highlight:  This “Washing the Elephant” activity is fun for parents or students!  Consider doing it at an upcoming back-to-school or other event.
  • Video Highlight: This brief (2 minute) video from the Absences Add Up campaign highlights the negative impacts of absences on children in the primary grades.


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