Is Your SBHC Ready for Winter Weather?

It snowed here recently in Western Washington. Some of us rejoiced, others of us cringed. Though in most areas not much snow accumulated, it provided a good reminder to do a winter weather check-up at our SBHCs. Here are a few tips to consider to prepare your SBHC for winter weather:

  • Know your school or school district‘s inclement weather plan
  • Know your agency‘s inclement weather plan
    • Are you considered “essential personnel?”
    • How do you communicate with your supervisor if you cannot safely get to work?
  • Figure out transportation alternatives
    • Does your bus/train run on a snow route?
  • Pack and keep a storm kit at work
  • Set up a communications plan with your family members in case of severe weather
  • Review your agency’s power outage plan
    • How will you protect vaccine?
    • How will you chart if you don’t have access to your electronic medical record?

With a little planning, winter weather can be less cringe-worthy. Stay safe and warm!

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